Target + Neiman Marcus

target neimans


Has everyone heard about Target and Neimans getting together? If you haven’t you’re probably too late. I may have waited in line for 30 minutes before the store opened at 8 but I wasn’t alone. Did I need any of it? No Kinda Yeah. The sweater was for men but I liked his more than the Porenza Schouler one for women, the wrapping paper is a cool poster x4, the shot glasses are just cute, and the clutch is marc jacobs so.. yea, right? (I don’t need to talk about the thermos, you all want it). You might as well check it out and order something, like the bike that I can’t afford maybe, or the flask that matches my shot glasses.

Kelly Wearstler strikes again


The famous Kelly Wearstler has done it again. She’s now expanded her timelessly cool empire to include jewelry and clothes. Pricey but most likely worth it, Kelly has fused natural elements and modern design to bring forth her personal style for the rest of us. Check out her website for her complete collections, including her home section and personal blog.

Shipley & Halmons

Another pair of cool guys making clothes. Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmons met in college with no intentions of one day starting a clothing company but after launching preppy surf brand Trovato with two other friends, Jeff and Sam broke off and introduced Shipley & Holmes. The brand is focused on being approachable; plaid shirts, notebooks, hand-drawn record covers, even dogs! (with a link to Check out their website, if only for ideas, they’ve got an easy concept that makes you want to start a company with your best friend and steal their funny ideas.


Were you prepared?

Is your winter vest boring? Does it have a silly logo? Do you feel the need to embellish things that don’t need embellishing? Mostly yeses? Heres the project for you. Go get a little sample square from your local fabric shop or if your like me, you have a box of old clothes for future sewing projects (thanks for ripping your shirt Dad ;) ).

junk drawer

Cut a stencil for yourself so you don’t waste any fabric.

heart stencil

Cut whatever shape you desire. If you plan not to sew the edges back, I recommend using ric rac scissors so it frays less, and its cute.

ric rac heart

pin heart

Pin your little guy on there and sew!

I used thick red embroidery floss to add to the kitchy-ness with long stitches.

Easy as that!

PROJECT. State of Unique

Project is an innovative trade show that bring old and new designers, the best bloggers, photographers, all in to one, two times a year. With conventions in New York City and Las Vegas, the dynamics are versatile and so is the crowd.

State of Unique is a community event aimed to stimulate made in America products that stimulate the economy. Creators from all over are pooled together for the conveience and fun of the public. With trade shows in Los Angeles, New York, and San Fransico, State of Unique is a growing epidemic for little artist everywhere. The event has plans of expansion throughout more cities and has an awesome website with more information.unique nyc

creative SPACE

My dream studio/living space/inspiration hub: I want all those in one while Im starting out and later in life plan to expand into having a separate work space. For my all in one Id like a bed nook like this one below, with a few pictures on the wall.

bed nook

If I’m real lucky I’ll have a lofted bedroom in my loft.

loft bedroombeaded dresses

I want a lot of natural light, so some windows like this wouldn’t hurt. natural light

Everyone needs a patio to detox in, take phone calls, sketch ideas, have a drink on..balcony nook

chinese lanterns

And then once I need more space and I expand into a private studio, I’ll need something clean and open. I want some natural elements so a distressed hard wood floor, an exposed brick wall or too, sky lights, etc. clothing shop

beautiful officeinspiration wall

chic waiting room


Check out how gorgeous Olivia Wilde’s closet is. Hello wood paneled wall and floor to ceiling window behind your clothes. Beyond. Oh and all her mirrored furniture.. Oh and the black chandelier. Puts even my dreamiest closet to shame.

beautiful celebrity closet

Do Re Mi Jewels

Chicago based designer Julia Bergen is the face behind Do Re Mi Jewels. How cute are these mini embroidered pendants? As a fellow fibers enthusiast I can appreciate the small scale precision and color theories Bergens working with in her framed jewels. Check out her blog for more designs.